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“aviation is what maintains democracy. It’s the force for progressive social change”
BBA in Aviation Management Course program primarily aims to train eligible candidates about technical sections of aviation management such as Air Traffic and Control, maintenance staff, cargo department and efficient coordination. The program equips with the knowledge to recognize and deal with problems in an aviation industry which is ever-expanding. The course mainly focuses on the issues such as types of aviation management, enterprises in airlines. Areas of study covered in the course's curriculum are:

1 Aviation technicalities
2 Safety and emergency management
3 Airport management
4 Functioning of Airport
5 Staff Management
6 Interdepartmental coordination
7 Cargo management

Practical sessions, project work, as well as industrial training programs also form part of the course. This course is designed for those interested to prepare for managerial responsibilities in the aviation industry. Our being top best BBA in Aviation Management Course in Bangalore helps students to develop ability to recognize and solve problems and to understand the role of aviation business.

DURATION:  3 YEARS   |  ELIGIBILITY:  12th/PUC(From any recoginized board)

  • IIFA offers a 3-year undergraduate course to train students in managerial and administrative roles in the Aviation sector. With the recent expansion of the airlines industry, more resources are needed for the smooth operation of airlines both domestic and international airports. Trained professionals are required for addressing areas such as airport safety and security, technicalities, finances, etc.
  • Aviation management industry is analyzed from the marketing point of view and the course will provide a strong background of business practices in the aviation management field at national and international levels. During the course, students study about airport security, airport planning, fire safety, passenger forecasting, goods checking. For BBA in Aviation Management Course in Bangalore admission find details below.
  • The aviation industry helps transport around 11 crores passengers every year in India. Airport Management has the responsibility to ensure the timely operation of flights, security maintenance, and quality service to customers. It also includes commercial operations in the airport like duty-free shopping at airports which returns a good profit.

  • Communication Skills
  • Professional Communication
  • Soft Skills
  • Front Office Operations
  • Management Process
  • Accounting
  • Basics of Aviation
  • Travel Management
  • Airport Operations
  • Fire Management
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Airport Security Management
  • Cargo logistics and Management
  • Aviation Marketing
  • Aviation Law
  • Air traffic rules and regulations
  • Services Marketing
  • Customer Care services
  • Airline Business Management
  • Cargo & Transportation Management
  • Persona Management
  • Customer Service for Global Clientele
  • Air Fares & Ticketing
  • Cargo & Transportation
  • Load Planning & DGR
  • Security & Legislation
  • Ancillary Services
  • Business Organization & Administration
  • Organizational Behavior
  • The Airport Milieu
  • Resource Management at Airports
  • IT in the Airline Environment
  • Airline & Travel Management
  • Crew Management

  • Airport Manager/Assistant Manager
  • Safety and Maintenance Manager
  • Aircraft Maintenance Manager
  • Ground Staff Manager
  • Grooming & Aviation Trainer
  • Aviation Operations Specialist
  • Aviation Ground Staff Trainer
  • Cabin Crew
  • Aircraft Maintenance Crew
  • Airline Operations Agents
  • Flight Dispatcher
  • Aviation Meterologist

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